Creative Cravings - Birthday Blowup
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tabakat [userpic]
Birthday Blowup

Okay it is my birthday. I should be having fun. I am not, instead I am in emtional hysterics. Really crying and screaming.

It is all my grandmother's fault.

Since Decemeber when my Grandfather was in the hospital and my mother thought she had collen cancer ( and I had some sort of bug that would not go away ) they- meaning the family- havebeen treating my mother like shit. Saying she wasn't there or dependable when she only took 3 days off because she was TOLD by the doctor's NOT to go near my GF at the time. He was in congestive heart faliure, and had fluid on the lung, but they did not think he was dying. So we stayed away. After all my Uncle and Aunt were there to help my Grandmother. After it was certian neither of us could get the man sicker, we were back in the hospital at his bedside. No one told them about the cancer scare. We were being told BY Grandmother at the time that Mom couldn't possible be as sick as she was making herself out to be the whole time.

Then they basically alienated her at the deathbed - told me I had no right to be there- and alienated her again at the funeral- while complaining she wasn't making plans she should be making for mamo, and when she did went behind her back and changed them, forgetting to inform us. But we were being unsupportive for not showing up at the grave side. I looked in the open casket. I do not watch them be buried- I just DONT. My family supported ME at that time.

Then since then, they have treated her with little to no respect, and acted like a bunch of little middle schoolers with meanner streaks. Since then she has been diagnosed with Chrones disease but you know that is nothing and she really isn't that sick. It's all in her mind, ectera ectera. She should get out more. Her at home bussiness which she runs, isn't really a job. She nees one. We apparently make gobs of money- couldn't be further from the truth. Not to mentiion the @#$#@# they say about me. Becasue I have chosen to stay at home and help my mother with the health, the bills, and Jr's failing health. As well as finish two degrees. She had a nervous breakdown. Had to go to the emergency room. They wanted to put her in a 72 hour hold but becasue she said she would not kill herself because she was afraid it wouldn't work and might HURT they couldn't. My grandmother listened to her and stayed away. Then proceeded to not tell her siblings what was going on, because it was not serious enough, " You know Dawn she always exaggerates. She just needs to get over it."

Since then they have pulled juvenile pranks, after they almost sent her to the hospital again. I had finally had enough. When they all showed up here on day. I said they had to solve this. My Aunt, decided she had to get in the car and leave. Becasue her college age son-who has a job- apparently is encapable of feeding himself and or has no money. Funny thing, his grandmother lives on their property, she goes nowhere, and has the old south mentality about worshiping the ground the old son walks on mentality. Not only that but this grandson is the last of the line, but apparently this grandmother wouldn't feed him.... He is also apparently out of cash.....

It was so despreate that she had to tell her daughter to start the truck I was holding onto and move it, because I wouldn't let go. She had already grabbed me and tried to get me to move.
Let me put this into context. I have CP. it is a balance issue and speed issue for me mostily, the truck was on an incline, i needed it to lean against even to stand still. If my cousin moved it I would fall. She started to move it while my Aunt was was grabbing and yanking.

Me " What are you doing?"

Cousing" What my mother tells me."

Me:" If you move this truck, you could kill me. Or send me to the emergency room at least."

Cousin stops the truck

Aunt: ",,,,. move the truck." While grabbing and pulling. By this time. Uncle interceedes and asks Aunt what she was doing and if she had lost her mind.

She left scratches and bruises that took about a week to heal.

Grandmother does nothing and tells mother that it was okay for aunt to get physical, because I was being stubborn and disrespctful. Stubborn yes? Despreate yes? Disrespectful no.

So grandmother hasn't called me for a month, calls me today, and I tell her I am upset because of what she says. It has been a constant in my life, that no MATTTER WHAT... no one gets physical in the family and after my history with my family. She won't admit I was hurt or was even hurt or had a right to be hurt by what she said.

And somehow by saying this to her and trying to discuss it, I was pushing her out of her life, and becasue my mother didn't want to talk to her, she didn't call me. I am an adult I have been making choices about who I want to talk to in my family seperate from my parents since I was 8. When did this change? Why did no one inform me?

Also how did she not know I was upset when, a breathe before she says my mother told her, I know my mother sent emails to everyone in the family, and I in a fit of 2 year old pique posted about it on facebook?

Suffice it to say nothing got resolved she brought people and stuff into it, that had nothing to do with anything, and told me not to talk about my grandfather. By the end she had me in hysterics. I have NEVER been driven to drink. I now want a drink.

Long story short, my birthday sucks. Flist help? please?

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