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2011-01-11 01:55 pm

Vid idea

I just watched Take Me or Leave Me a McShep Vid done by Jem to to the Rent song of the same name. Which is great and I will link to. When I find it again ( I had downloaded it last night) and as much as I love that song. I was just thinking how great a Mal/Inara Firefly vid it would make. Sighs I don't even know if I have any Firefly source anymore. Anyone else want to make it?
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2010-12-16 06:19 pm

Computer Challenged/ Backup

Okay Help please
1) Does anyone know how to make the colorbar thingy over text- like if you wanted to have a highlight to read warnings, spoilers, pariings ectera???
2) Does anyone know how to make an US keyboard make forgein accent marks, specifically french? If not does anyone know where I can get those keyboards they use in Quebec? Notice the lack of accent mark??

3) Please prepare to be annoyed with rec indexing posts because Delicious is closing. This far more annoying for me to have to do, then you to see. Trust Me!!!
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2010-10-17 09:21 pm

religions pagans vs. wanabe idiots

I admit that I am a Christian. I admit it. My old testement says, "Thou shalt not shuffer a witch to live." My New Testment also says, " I am the truth the way and the light, no one shall come to the father except through me."

Neither of these is me.

I believe that my God has been known and is known by many names and in many lands. You have only to look at the evolution of his nam3 in the Old Testament to see this. There is also the absolute uncanny similarites beteween many of the worlds myths, that is absolutely uncanny to be concidence.

Therefore, I have no problem with paganism or witches. Live and let live. My commandment that I follow and I believe trumps all the others is " Love your neighbors as I have loved you."

What I do have a problem with, think is absloutely idoticitc and just asking for #@$#$#@ trouble? Deciding its halloween or just plain cool to experiment with something you don't understand, and have not bothered to resarch. Hey lets try a spell, or summon something ectera, -lets do something we have no bussiness doing, dont understand and have no bussiness doing, and have no supervision for! Then let's scare ourselves friggin scary when it either works or goes wrong, (because guess what religions work and have power!) let's not finish what we started, leaving a big freaking mess!

And because we have scared ourselves silly and or done something stupid or we shouldn't have done- and weren't prepared for the consequences let's not tell anyone, so they can clean up our mess.Or worse only admit we did it years later- so they can clean up the mess. No this is not something personal in my own life, its just something I have heard of about again and again and this kind of incompetence is intolerable!
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2010-09-22 02:11 pm

Update on me

For those who are interested on me.

It is amazing how, you can go from doing nothing to having life bite you hard.Read more... )

I did splurge and buy the Serena Williams TSV from HSN I put it on the credit card, along with a pair of jeans. I didn't want to. Mom told me too, I am glad she did. I got it today. I AM IN LOVE!!!! Yes, with a peice of clothing. It is worth a tiny bit of credit card bill for this. ::nods:: I deserve this.
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2010-08-19 05:28 pm

Birthday Blowup

Okay it is my birthday. I should be having fun. I am not, instead I am in emtional hysterics. Really crying and screaming.

It is all my grandmother's fault.Read more... )

Long story short, my birthday sucks. Flist help? please?
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2010-08-17 02:49 pm

Here we go again

I'm seeing it again. Seriously, people SPORK, seriously, really.

The SPORK is a combinaton spoon/fork untensil

It is NOT a reprsentiaton of the pairing that started the slash genre to begin with! OR one of the best frienships to ever hit TV.

*Contemplates what vulcan strength could do to the human with a spork if properly provoked*
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2010-05-25 08:33 pm

NCIS Season Finale.... Spoiler Free

Seriously, this NCIS episode is freaking me out This is not good, how is the team going to get Gibbs out of this? There is not team without Gibbs, there is no NCIS without Gibbs, I mean honesly the show could lose one of the other characters and not lose cohesion but no without Gibbs there is no NCIS. I mean it, and he is not even my favorite character- and he dosen't seem to be trusitng the with anything either. He would kick their asses if it was one of their messes and they didn't clue him so he could help. What's good for the goose Gibbs....

I already feel the need for fic!
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2010-05-15 11:46 pm

Bored... Tired...Achy and Taking, Prompts

I am bored, tired, hungry and my.. well I hurt. I have been on all day and no one has come on. I seem to have no inspiration to finish any of my fics. I know Doctor Who is on tonight but I have no deisre to watch it. Matt Smith is just meh and River Song character is just well I HATE HER! . Will watch later maybe.

I have decided all my WIP are destined to remain WIP for at least a few more days, but I want to write something. Perferably Something that doesn't require more then 4 pages since that seems to be where my muse sputters and dies lately. So leave me prompts. Short prompts but prompts as in more then a word!

I will take
Star Trek
White Collar
Doctor Who Ten and Ten era et all
Harry Potter

I will also take prompts for images all the above plus
Criminal Minds
or anything else really if you provide images

So go ahead prompt me.
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2010-05-15 01:51 pm

LFN fanart rec

Are you a La Femme Nikita fan? Love Nikita? Love Michael and Nikita? Have you dispared of ever finding good LFN fanart/wallpapers?

Check out [personal profile] jeyla4ever's LFN fanart here
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2010-05-15 01:23 pm


I did this peice for Keira Marcos, wonderful serise The Sentinels of Atlantis, a very nice Stargate AU, based around some aspects of The Sentinle fandom. All her work and all her serise are good. I encourage you to check them out.

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2010-05-14 05:46 pm

writing/fanfic rant

dear writers statements like "uber-ultra Alpha" vibe going are so redundant they make my brain numb and my eyes bleed. It also makes you sound like an under educated teeny bopper that has no bussiness writing about the topics you chose, and certianly fails in the goth atmosphere department.

Please do not ever refer to a member of the male anatomy as a lance or a females as a sheath again. It is not sexy it is funny and almost makes me coke on my coffee and roll my eyes.
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2010-04-26 05:39 pm

Jenny from Dr. Who

okay doctor who fans now that is a disturbing concept. i just watched a vid on youtube, that suggested that Jenny was the Masters wife? that skinny, simpering blonde he hung around wth. It was acutally very well done, but i find the idea disturbing.
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2010-04-25 04:21 pm

Matt Bomber

I have a new crush on a celebrity/character. That is Matt Bomber/Neal Caffrey.


taken from

Please expect to be spammed with fanart and or icons in the future. NODS. Should I be worried I have a crush on a fictional character? Well as long a I remeber he's not real I am saying no.
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2010-04-25 12:40 am

Torchwood Vid Request

I would love a Torchwood, Ianto/Jack vid to "Goodnight my Angel" by Celtic Woman. Its a bueatiful song. With the potential to be incrediablly sad, and just Gorgeous.
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2010-04-25 12:09 am

The VOICE LOTR Aragon/Arwyen vid

I don't usually like image only vids but this one is so gorgeously done and seemlessly timed. You don't sit there waiting for the next image, bored, but rather wanting to see what is next.
Also it helps that it is one of my favorite all time songs
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2010-04-24 02:25 pm

Beta's Needed NCIS Het, Harry Potter Slash???? NO Cross over

Apparently my brain will do anything to not have to complete my finale projects. I am writing a fic, for a prompt. Thing is this is my first time writing anything like this, well okay not first I had like a small scene with Harry and Severus, but this is an actual story. I am not sure what I am doing.

But I am writing sex scenes for A) I am distracted as hell, and cant get what I want in fic. B) it is a mental block I HAVE TO GET OVER. Even if I chose to never use it in my professional writing right now the fear/apprehension is stiffling my creativity. So.... help please.

What I need:
Adult Betas )
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2010-04-18 07:38 pm

Robert Leeshock

OH my god! He's doing commericals! No joke, I just saw him in a zegerid OTC commerical!!! LOL.... its kinda sad, on another note he lookes excatly the same, and fans of his might be interested in the bare abs and chest from lifting his shirt.
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2009-12-06 08:32 pm

A Time to Die ....A time to mourn when is that?

In case anyone has wondered where in the Nine hells I have gotten off to lately, this semster has been kicking my tosh. Flus, Sinus infections, bronchitis, regular class, Social Community Needs Asssesment Project, All and asundrey work for Journalism class... when did Freshmen/Junior classes start to take so much work, and now finales.

Also my grandfather has been in and out of the hospital three times in the last month, with heart problems. This time was the last time. They finally found the problem and did heart surgery, Wensday. It was to late, he was in organ faliure thursday-by evening they were keeping him comfortable. At least he was lucid, even with morphine, and responsive, though he had a tube and could not talk I think he knew we were all there, and got to say goodbye. At least I hope that was what I was seeing. By early Friday morning he had slipped into a coma. My grandmother and the kids pulled the machines-I hope they left the tube in- I haven't asked. If not I don't want to know, I couldn't forgive them, if they made him slowly suffogate. By around 12:45 he was gone.

Saturday I spent at a meeting working on the WCC Needs Assesment Survey. Tonight I have to do/fininsh a eight page term paper. The Funeral is Wensday. I am not sure I am going to pass all my classes this semster. My one teacher is being an ass. I really can't deal with him now. We'll see. If I don't pass I can either retake it or appeal it. I will probably retake it. I don't feel like the hassel.
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2009-11-24 06:48 pm

White Collar Fanart

This a banner/header/fanart peice
Whatever you want. Rules, Want comment,take, credit tabakat, have

white collar